About Me

So, here’s the thing about me…

I have always dabbled in various mediums for as long as I can remember. I have collected, inspected, and tested all my materials alongside other practices throughout the years. I stay inspired by constantly exploring wherever my interest goes and that has led me to here… the now… my current focus: sustainability.

As a constant creator, I feel drawn to discarded materials and other items that most people view as rubbish. I feel a need to challenge myself to create functional items out of things that normally aren’t eco-conscious. For instance, I use plastic bags to stuff certain pillow sculptures, leftover scraps to create bags and garments, old paint from a palette to create Fine Art paintings. These are all wonderful practices that are achievable amongst the general public. As a consumer, I understand the thrill that comes from participating in this current society but that is also why I am trying to reroute my consumerism to things that have already been made. Things that cannot be recycled. Things that deserve another life but one of stoic and transcendental intent.

I hope you follow along and get inspired.


Someone inspired by trash :)